Inspire Your Soul

This is about:

  • Connecting to your spiritual self.
  • Developing a relationship with your higher power (daily rituals).
  • Seeing the beauty and oneness of life.
  • Finding more meaning in your life.
  • Self-Actualization—becoming the Best version of YOU (True Self).
  • Reclaiming Your Power.
  • Identify Your Soul’s Desires and Your Soul’s Purpose/Mission.
  • Nurture Your Soul.

Stop Negative Thoughts and Bad Moods Using Gratitude

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I am filled with gratitude to you, my readers, for your support and encouragement over the past year.  I will be spending this holiday in beautiful Sedona, AZ (famous for the red rocks) where the natural beauty takes your breath away and naturally fills your soul with gratitude for…

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Your Secret Weapon – 3 Steps to Develop Your Intuition

There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen. – Rumi Intuition is when you sense, feel or just know something instinctively, without logical reasoning. It is an inner guidance system that we all have, but oftentimes don’t use or trust because our society values our rational, reasoning mind more. The result is that we often…

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The Wonder Woman Cure Workbook

Are you tired of trying to do it all? Is trying to be everything to everyone wearing you down? Or, do you find yourself taking care of everyone but you? Here are a few ideas for you to get off the Wonder Woman Super Highway. Choose one, or do all three, and start to enjoy…

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Why You Need an Inner Game of Wellness to Get Healthy and Reverse Disease + A Powerful 10-Minute Tool to Get Your Inner Wellness Game On

Why is it that with so much information on what it takes to be healthy that so many people either fall off their wellness programs or never even get started? After getting very sick and reversing a serious illness, I’ve been asking myself this question for years, and becoming a licensed psychotherapist and trained health…

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