Heal Your Gut

This is my Gut Repair Diet. 4 steps:

  • Remove Inflammatory Foods.
  • Replace with Healing Foods.
  • Reinoculate with Healthy Bacteria (probiotics).
  • Repair with supplements and essential oils:
    o Learn Your Gut Type (and what specific foods/supplements/oils are good for your type.
  • Trouble shoot.
  • Address Environmental Triggers:
    o Remove toxins.
    o Reduce stress (lower cortisol).
    o Identify and treat Hidden infections.

Banish Anxiety and Other Bad Moods with a Gentle Detox and Soul Care

So many women now are experiencing increased levels of stress, anxiety and low moods. And, often, if they seek help for their anxiety or depression (often showing up as low energy, low motivation, the blahs, etc.) they are quickly put on anti-anxiety/anti-depression meds by docs who really don’t understand the mind-body connection in most cases.…

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3 Mistakes Most Women Make When Trying to Lose Belly Fat

lose belly fat

  “Food, like your mind, should be working for you, not against you.” Is stubborn belly fat – or any excess weight – keeping you from truly enjoying your life? If so, you’re definitely not alone – the typical American woman has gained an average of twenty pounds since the early seventies, a study by the…

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7 Signs Your Body is in Toxic Overload

toxic overload

You think you’re healthy, but you just don’t feel that great anymore. You frequently find yourself wondering why you’re so doggoned tired, or why your clothes keep getting tighter even though you’re not eating any differently, or why you’re irritable and anxious much of the time and struggle to focus and concentrate – on anything.…

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3 Ways Your Gut Health Can Make You Smarter and Healthier

If you are experiencing a loss of mental clarity, difficulty concentrating, and forgetting simple details, you’re most likely suffering from a condition called “foggy brain” or ” brain fog”. But brain fog isn’t usually caused by your brain. Fogginess and slower cognitive functioning is most often caused by inflammation, especially in your gut. Your Gut…

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