Reclaim Your Brain

This is about:

  • Taking control of your mind (thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, fears, resistances, choices) and using mindful awareness to tap into the power of your mind in order to manage your life effectively and create the life you were meant to live (your dream life).
  • Learning how to identify, challenge, and reframe your thoughts and beliefs to live more effectively, and be healthier and happier.
  • Understanding the biochemistry and neurochemistry of your thoughts and how negative, stressful thoughts create disease, and positive, calm thoughts create health and happiness.
  • Understanding neurotoxins and how to avoid them.
  • Understanding Brain Fog and how to avoid it.
  • The Gut-Brain connection.
  • Understanding the Biology of Belief and the Placebo Effect.

Stop Negative Thoughts and Bad Moods Using Gratitude

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I am filled with gratitude to you, my readers, for your support and encouragement over the past year.  I will be spending this holiday in beautiful Sedona, AZ (famous for the red rocks) where the natural beauty takes your breath away and naturally fills your soul with gratitude for…

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3 Ways to Stop a Bad Mood

Things, people, places, and events do not make you miserable. You make yourself miserable with your own perceptions and self-talk. —Albert Ellis, PhD, Rational Emotive Therapy A few weeks ago, I attended a seminar about abundance, and the lecturer surprised us all with her first pearl of wisdom. She told us that in order to…

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Feeling Tired, Brain Fogged and Moody? 10 Signs You May Have A Leaky Gut

You may have heard about Leaky Gut recently because, increasingly, it is being recognized as one of the primary causes of the increasing number of chronic diseases. For example, inflammatory diseases, like, allergies, asthma, Alzheimers, autism, and autoimmune diseases like Hashimotos’s thyroiditis, Chrohn’s disease, Graves disease, IBS, MS, and lupus are growing at epidemic proportions;…

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