Autoimmune Freedom Coaching

Congratulations! You’ve taken the next step to better health!


Are you ready to be free from the fatigue, pain, weight gain, mood swings (and more) that are stealing your energy, your peace and your joy?

Have You Already . . .

Tried the AIP, Ketogenic, or other healthy “autoimmune” diets, gulped down handfuls of supplements, tried to move your body more, and maybe even meditated once in a while, but you still don’t feel as good as you’d like?

Do You. . .

  • Struggle through the day with fatigue and unfocused thinking?
  • Constantly fight off the blahs?
  • Wrestle with weight gain or belly fat?
  • Dread digestive issues every time you eat?
  • Have frequent pain in your joints or muscles?
  • Worry that you’ll never feel like yourself again, or enjoy doing the things you used to do without pain?
  • Feel frustrated, hopeless and alone?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’m so glad you’re here.

I Can Help You . . .

I help women who struggle with low energy and constant health concerns take control of their health with solutions that work naturally and effectively for their personal biochemistry, biography, and personality. Together we choose practical, therapeutic and spiritual approaches to restore energy, mental clarity, and rebalance hormones so you can feel good again and live a life you love. So, if this is you . . .

Your up-leveled, healthier, happier life begins now.

If you are ready to feel fully alive, fulfilled and at peace with yourself and your life,  apply here for one of the limited spaces in my coaching programs. Go from exhausted to energized, from pain to power - to enjoy your new life of Autoimmune Freedom.

Read what happy clients are saying about coaching with me . . .


Linda Mercer is an amazing and insightful coach. In particular her clearing work has made a profound difference in my life and relationships. I truly had no idea that some of the issues she uncovered and cleared were holding me back.

Since beginning consultation with her, my close family and friends all notice a difference - I am happier and free to move forward on all levels in my life and business.

Her extensive experience in psychotherapy combined with exceptional intuition and communication skills allow Linda to listen, hear what is actually underneath, and provide deep insight far beyond most coaches. I highly recommend her coaching work, and her book!

Carrie Goelitz, Beyond Expectations, Entrepreuner, Phoenix, AZ


Linda was a huge catalyst in my life. She helped me with goal setting, both professionally and personally, and I know this process will stay with me for a long time to come.

I went out immediately and purchased a new calendar system and began goal setting in the fashion she outlined, which has had a lot of positive impact on my personal and professional life.

I also was able to take advantage of Linda’s "Wellness 4 The Busy Woman" program and it has been a very healthy way to focus myself each day on a couple of things I wanted to be mindful of for the day, and I feel much better since I’ve been following her program.

I hope people have access to this program on a wide basis because this is a wonderful approach to holistic healing on a mental, physical and spiritual level which can be of help to people everywhere.

I am thrilled I had the chance to work with Linda at her Miralinda Center for Well Being and look forward to continuing working with her.

Rachel R. Sacco, President and CEO, Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau

Coaching Programs

A Life You Love
A Life You Love

Life, Health and Success Intensive Coaching Sessions

For women who are ready to transform their pain to power and rock their health and life, my VIP half and full day intensives will catapult you forward.

Join me for an in-person experience in Phoenix, AZ or break up your session in 90-minute virtual increments.

Heal Your Body and Life Program

Let go of confusion and lack of energy. Symptoms signal something is missing in your life, or something’s draining your energy.

We will look at all the areas of your life, not only your health, but your relationships, stress, purpose, passion, spirituality, career, financial, and more. 

What to Expect From Our Coaching Sessions

In our work together, I will guide you step by step to your ideal, healthy life.  Together, we’ll discover the root cause/s of your low energy, brain fog, hormone imbalances, mood issues, etc., (sometimes using outside lab testing services, that specialize in autoimmune diseases, if needed).


What is it?

A personalized coaching experience to help you find your way back to a healthy relationship with your body, mind and soul. As a result you will feel at ease in your body, and free from fatigue, aches, pains, weight gain, and stress.


What’s Unique about My Program?

While an anti-inflammatory, nutrient-rich diet is the foundation for true health, Autoimmune Freedom is about more than just diet and exercise. We will look at every aspect of your life (from your diet to your soul) to see where the root causes of your health imbalances originated, and how to remedy them - naturally, safely and with love. Together, we will also discover (or rediscover) your true self - the part of you that feels authentic and genuine - because that’s where true health begins - with you and your deepest longings, needs and desires being acknowledged and fulfilled.

We will bust through all the blocks that keep you from being fully alive and indestructibly happy, and radically up-level your health and your life.

And, finally, we will make sure that you can sustain and maintain your new up-leveled life for the long haul.


I don’t believe in accidents


There’s a voice within you yearning to be healthy, whole, happy. You desire a strong, healthy body and true happiness, and you crave a deep feeling of fulfillment. You’re ready to take back your health, expand into your truest potential and live the life of your dreams - not just dream about it. It’s time for you to say yes to yourself and those you love. It’s time for you to be all of who you truly are.


Linda is amazing! Working with her is a gift. She is not only a talented coach through the waterfall of situations and emotions that day to day life brings, but also has a keen ear to discern the root block of an issue. This is where the magic begins when I am working with her. She has perfected a clearing process that releases deep subconscious limiting patterns. It is incredible as this process only takes 10-15 minutes! After I leave a session with Linda I feel lighter. It is as if the weight of that “limiting belief” is lifted. It is not a temporary fix at all. It goes deep and really releases completely. Thank you Linda we need more people like you.

Denise Reaves, Scottsdale, AZ


Don’t let Linda ‘s gentle, loving manner fool you. Her coaching is powerful. Her guidance and support helped me realize my personal goals. While working with Linda, I went back to school and became a nurse, upgraded my health, uplifted my marriage, found peace with my past, and found my back to my authentic self.

Her calm and patient manner helped me find the solutions within me to create more love and harmony in my family and for myself, and she made the process comfortable and safe. She was effective in assisting me to set strong boundaries and to find the milestones as I worked on reaching my life goals.

I highly recommend Linda to anyone wanting to get healthy, love themselves more, and create a life they truly love.

Dawn Klecka, R.N., Phoenix, AZ

Yes! I want a life I love!