3 Ways to Stop Scattered Thinking and Tap into Your Intuition

stop scattered thinking

While part of being a conscious entrepreneur (or a conscious person) is being comfortable with uncertainty and the “mystery” of life, you can still live a more focused, powerful life. The life you were born to live . . . Imagine the Life of Your Dreams Imagine a life where you don’t feel pulled in…

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The #1 Thing You Can Do Today to Find Your True Message

find your true message

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that you have a message to share with the world. You can feel it in your bones, it’s brewing in your soul, but it’s just not quite there yet . . . Maybe you haven’t found your “message sweet spot” yet, or you don’t feel that you’re…

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How to Become Your Own Best Medicine

become your own best medicine

The One Thing Ultra Healthy, High Energy People Do That Separates Them From Everyone Else If you are like most people, you probably grew up believing that your body was “none of your business,” that whenever you had an ache, pain, or fever you needed to either take some kind of over-the-counter medicine immediately, or…

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How Spiritual Practices Help Reverse Disease

Spiritual Practices Boost Health - 10 Minute Wellness

When people ask me how I reversed Multiple Sclerosis, I tell them . . . “I did three things – changed my diet, got off the treadmill of running myself ragged, and started my day with a “quiet time” of meditation and prayer.” Today, 32 years later, these remain my core wellness pillars – and…

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