7 Ways to Rewire Your Brain and Banish Belly Fat, Fatigue, Bad Moods and More

Emotional Eating, Stress Eating, Mindless Munching—all lead to belly fat—and they all begin in your brain. Your brain is both the initiator of, and a relay station for, all your thoughts, feelings, moods and emotions that often lead to overeating and making poor food choices.

What if you could reroute those negative thoughts, feelings and emotions and transform them into positive thinking and happy moods that could override your cravings, binges, and the blood sugar crashes?

Imagine what your life could look like if you could control your brain instead of it controlling you? What could that do for you? How might your life be different?

If you’re ready to take charge of your brain and feed it what it needs to perform optimally, join me for my True-Self Slimdown and Brain-Soul Reboot 21-Day program.

Read what Karen says about her experience with shifting her mindset and transforming a job she hated into a career she loves while following the True-Self Slimdown:

I did Linda’s Slimdown program because I wanted to lose weight and get more energy. I had recently been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, so I was anxious to get my blood-sugar under control. But, to my surprise, my moods also changed dramatically. My lack of motivation decreased and I started wanting to do things I had stopped doing, or even caring about. My irritability decreased and I started feeling happier.  In the first week’s lesson, I learned about how to change my negative thinking around and started listening to Linda’s mindfulness CD. I started to see how negative my thoughts were about my job and how miserable I was in it. By the end of the program, I had a whole new appreciation for my job and had started seeing it as a possible career path. My sales increased and I felt better about myself and more hopeful about my future.  

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Your brain runs the show—creating the movie that is your life. What kind of movie is yours? You can choose. You are the actor, director, and producer. Whatever is in your mind (brain) is what projects out into the world and creates your life.

Here are the 7 top ways that your Brain affects everything you do, feel and think and how increasing your awareness of any of these can change your health and your entire life by rewiring your brain.

7 Ways to Rewire Your Brain and Banish Belly Fat, Fatigue and Foggy Thinking

1. Taking control of your mind (thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, fears, resistances, choices) and using mindful awareness to tap into the power of your mind in order to manage your life effectively, and create the life you were meant to live.

2. Learning how to identify, challenge, and reframe your thoughts and beliefs to live more effectively, and be healthier and happier.

3. Understanding the biochemistry and neurochemistry of your thoughts and how negative, stressful thoughts create disease, and positive, calm thoughts create health and happiness at the cellular level.

4. Understanding neurotoxins and how to avoid them.

5. Understanding Brain Fog and how to avoid it.

6. The Gut-Brain connection.

7. Understanding the Biology of Belief and the Placebo Effect.

In my work as a licensed psychotherapist for over twenty years, and a health and life coach even longer, I have used these tools to help thousands of people take control of their minds to transform bad relationships, bad health, bad jobs, bad habits and more.

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