Find Your Zen This Holiday Season — 10 Minute Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Hello Beautiful,

Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the holidays and not have the dreaded bloat and weight gain after they’re over? It’s much easier to do this than you think – the key is to “rethink” how you have always celebrated the holidays. Most people unconsciously just “fall into” the same old patterns, year after year, without realizing they have the power to change the way they think and behave during the holidays. They often just succumb to defeatist thinking, like, “oh, here we go again, I’m going to overindulge and end up feeling crappy and fat when they’re over.

This is not helpful or effective. And, New Year’s resolutions usually fall to the wayside within days or weeks, and you are now stuck with extra weight, low energy and brain fog – yuk! Below, I am offering you some great, proven strategies to stay in control of yourself and your weight and enjoy the holidays more than ever. And, the best part is – you will feel so awesome come January 1st!  Without the sluggishness and brain fog most people start off their New Year with.

Here are the Zen Holiday tips for a healthier, happier, healthy weight year ahead:

  1. Indulge once a week. This may sound hard, but it’s a mindset that will pay off big time. I used to allow my kids one day a week to indulge in whatever they wanted to eat, and then eat healthy the rest of the week, and it worked, and works for me and my clients too. Tip: Try limiting yourself to 3 bites of dessert at other times, if you’re exposed to sweets on a regular basis.
  1. Just say “no” to “food pushers”. There are always those people who seem to delight in recruiting someone else into their over-indulgences. They push food and drinks at you, insist you eat or drink their offerings, and act upset, disappointed, or even annoyed with you if you don’t. Sound familiar? Often, I find people act like I’m being rude, silly, or insinuate that I won’t be any fun. Don’t fall for these tactics. Stick to your guns, and honor your commitment to your own health and well-being.
  1. Try sparkling water spritzers instead of alcohol. These spritzers are simply sparkling water with a splash of juice or wine. They are refreshing, tasty and save you the extra calories and hangover feeling.
  1. Have healthy snacks regularly. Hunger and low blood sugar are enemies of healthy eating and healthy weight management. Make a list of good-for-you snacks you enjoy and make sure you have them handy when you go shopping, to the office (where sugary treats abound every day in the break room), or any other time.
  1. Live mindfully-Eat Mindfully. Avoid going on auto-pilot mode, especially during the holidays. Take time to relax, meditate, slow down and restore yourself. Don’t assume running yourself ragged is the only way to get through the holidays.

To Eat Mindfully:

  1. Stay relaxed and focused on your goal of avoiding holiday overindulging.
  2. Take a good look at the foods being offered at celebrations and plan what you are going to put on your plate. Only take the foods you love and that truly make you happy. Avoid piling food on your plate and eating mindlessly.
  3. Eat slowly and savor the smell, texture, color and flavors of the foods you have chosen.
  4. Give thanks for the food. Offer gratitude to what is on your plate and all the people that got that food onto your plate.
  5. Stop eating when you are full.

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season, filled with love, light, friends, family and delicious food you savor and enjoy!


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