Your Secret Weapon – 3 Steps to Develop Your Intuition


There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.

– Rumi

Intuition is when you sense, feel or just know something instinctively, without logical reasoning. It is an inner guidance system that we all have, but oftentimes don’t use or trust because our society values our rational, reasoning mind more. The result is that we often ignore, or suppress our intuition, or our “gut feelings,”  sometimes to our detriment. I think we can all relate to making a bad decision or having a bad experience, and then remarking, “well, there were red flags, but I just ignored them, or hoped they would get better.” With a well-developed inner-guidance system, when you want to know if something is right, safe or good for you, you can tap into your intuition anytime, anywhere.

Intuition is often called our inner wisdom, and some refer to it as “the part of us that knows the answer”.  I personally believe that we have all the answers inside of us if we just stop long enough to listen, and trust what we hear. Learning to trust your intuition helps you live a more authentic, satisfying and happy life. Intuition also boosts your self-confidence, as you become more confident that you know what is right, safe, or good for you. You can make better and quicker decisions (and lower the learning curve).

Intuition is the part of your mind called “wise mind”. It is also that “gut feeling” we all get sometimes. It is where our rational and emotional brains meet. Between the left brain (rational, logical mind) and the right brain (feeling, sensing, emotional mind) there is a connection that gets disconnected when we’re stressed, tired and busy. We need to find quiet time to practice relaxation techniques (like deep breathing, calming self-talk, listening to beautiful music) that keep us balanced in our thinking as well as centered and grounded.

Developing intuition takes time. Be patient – it is a process, not something you develop overnight. But, not only is it well worth the effort – it will change your life from one of constant insecurity and uncertainty to one of calm and peace of mind.

4 Ways to Develop Your Intuition

  1. Get still. You need to quiet the mind and the body to intuit things.
  2. Ask to be shown or told what it is you need, want, need to do, avoid, etc. This is an important step, for if we do not ask, we will not get an answer.
  3. Trust the answer. Many times we get an answer we don’t like or trust, and ignore it or disregard it as silly, or even stupid. But, this ability and willingness to trust the answers we get when we get still, go inside and ask what it is we need to know is key to trusting ourselves and believing in ourselves.
  4. Act on the information you are given. If you get important information from your wise mind, but do not act on what it is asking you to do, you will suffer in some way, or fail to learn and/or progress. For example, let’s say, you want to know if you should stay in a relationship and you get “no” for an answer. If you ignore the answer and stay in the relationship, you will ultimately have problems and disappointments, and heartaches.

Make it a personal goal to develop your budding intuition. Be patient, trust the process and yourself; and you will create a life of health, happiness and prosperity.

I wish you a beautiful, peaceful and fun week filled with love and joy.

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