Vitalize Your Body and Mind

You will learn:

  • How your body creates energy.
  • Your energy systems and how they work.
  • Recharging your energy systems:
    o Lifestyle habits that deplete energy and lifestyle habits that increase energy.
  • Energy Medicine approaches to heal and vitalize your body, mind and soul.

4 Veggie-licious Ways to Enliven your Brain, Stimulate your Hormones, Eliminate Cravings and Even Turn Back the Biological Clock

Hello Beautiful! Did you know that there is now scientific proof to the old adage, “eat your vegetables.” Research by German scientist, Fritz-Albert Popp, concluded that plant foods provide energy to your cells due to their high levels of biophotons, and increase your energy level when you eat them¹. Biophotons are small waves of light transmitted…

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The Wonder Woman Cure Workbook

Are you tired of trying to do it all? Is trying to be everything to everyone wearing you down? Or, do you find yourself taking care of everyone but you? Here are a few ideas for you to get off the Wonder Woman Super Highway. Choose one, or do all three, and start to enjoy…

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3 Ways Your Diet Can Prevent Or Reverse Any Health Problem

Stacy, a health-coaching client of mine, texted me yesterday, to share her excitement. The pain in her fingers from arthritis was gone, and her energy was much better. When she started seeing me just two months ago, she could barely peel a carrot, or write without severe pain; and she felt fatigued much of the…

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How Your Thoughts Help Reverse Autoimmune (and all other) Disease

During the editing of  my upcoming book,  Autoimmune Wellness: Eat, Think, Pray, Move and Love Yourself Back to Health and Happiness in 10 Minutes a Day, I recently traveled to the Pacific Northwest with my husband to attend a family wedding.  The trip was fun and exciting with lots of gatherings, games and celebrations, and…

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