Vitalize Your Body and Mind

You will learn:

  • How your body creates energy.
  • Your energy systems and how they work.
  • Recharging your energy systems:
    o Lifestyle habits that deplete energy and lifestyle habits that increase energy.
  • Energy Medicine approaches to heal and vitalize your body, mind and soul.

Reverse Autoimmunity with Stress Management + Stress Quiz

High levels of the stress hormone cortisol, caused by physical and mental stress, elevate cortisol levels, causing a decrease in your immune system’s ability to fight infections.   Take this quiz to see what areas of your life are causing you the most stress: Exercise One: Rate these problems on a scale of 0-10 (with…

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3 Ways To Kick the Sugar Habit and Reverse Your Autoimmune Disease

PLUS FREE Sugar-Free Recipe and Sugar Substitution Chart Sugar is one of the biggest contributors to chronic disease. For people who suffer from autoimmune disease, this is especially true. Sugar weakens the immune system, promotes leaky gut, causes inflammation, and much more. If you want to get your energy back, strengthen your immune system, get off…

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You Are Meant to Shine

I just returned from a 6-day retreat. It was life changing. What do I mean by that? It has changed the way I am approaching my life. I am now asking myself – correction – I am now tuning into my body and asking it to help me make all my decisions – from what I eat to…

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Balance Your Immune System with Mindfulness

Turns out that mindfulness is good for our bodies: a seminal study found that just eight weeks of training and practicing mindfulness meditation boosts our immune system’s ability to fight off illness. While people with autoimmune disease, (such as MS, lupus, Hashimoto’s, Grave’s, Crohn’s, asthma, etc.) don’t want to necessarily “boost” the immune system as it is already…

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