3 Surprising Ways to Super-Boost Your Energy in 10 Minutes or Less

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Recently I found myself low on energy, and my usual healthy routine wasn’t really helping to boost my energy back to its normally high levels.

So, I started looking at all the places I could be losing energy – diet, lack of exercise, etc. When all those checked out, I moved onto exploring the 9 energy systems in the human body that I have learned over the years are just as important as diet and exercise.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has understood these energy systems for over 10,000 years and used them effectively to restore patients to vibrant health and boost their energy.

I used many TCM methods to reverse multiple sclerosis over 30 years ago, and credit it with how I was able to turn my health around and take back my life back in 5 months time; and you can learn how to use your own energy systems to restore your energy, lose weight, boost your moods, focus your brain–even reverse health conditions.

Your 9 Energy Systems

What Chinese healers and doctors have learned from thousands of years of research is that there are 9 Energy Systems in the human body and each one of them is comprised of crucial energy pathways that when blocked or imbalanced cause you to lose energy.

The loss of energy signals that one of these pathways is impeded and needs to be unblocked and/or rebalanced.

My personal method to uncover what’s going on with me, whether it be lowered energy, lack of mental clarity, mood issues, weight gain, skin issues, digestive problems, etc. is to first check out my body’s Chakra Energy System.

Your Chakra Energy System Holds the Keys to Vibrant Health and Happiness

Your Chakras are 7 Energy Centers that affect your energy, mood, thinking, weight, etc. Actually, they affect every function in your body.

What I love about working with this energy system is that the chakras address your whole being and restore you to wholeness, which is what health is. The dictionary meaning even tells us that the word health comes from the English word hale, which means whole or wholeness.

Chinese doctors look at your whole body and life, and they usually start by checking your pulse because that tells them how much vital life-force is pulsing through your body and mind and spirit.

In other words, how much energy do you have available to function optimally? It also tells them which meridians (energy pathways connected to specific organs) are blocked.

Are you Running on Empty and Don’t Even Know It?

I discovered my available energy was lower than usual for me – my pulse showed I was dealing with some of the issues related to two of my chakras in specific. The 1st and the 5th. This blog is about how I rebalanced my 1st chakra.

My 1st chakra was imbalanced:

This is the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra governs the Adrenal Glands (that sit right on top of your kidneys). Your adrenals give you energy by releasing several energy boosting hormones: cortisol being the main hormone.

Cortisol regulates how the body converts fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to energy, as well as  It is also a a stress hormone, which is good in the correct amounts, but cause imbalances in your body if you produce too much or too little.

I was producing too much cortisol in my body due to having had more stressful events than normal and less time to practice stress reducing activities. like meditation, yoga, hiking, etc. that I use to keep my stress in check.

My elevated cortisol levels had created inflammation in my body, and triggered my immune system to go on the attack to reduce the inflammation, (cortisol is the #1 enemy of your immune system) which then triggered hormonal imbalances that compromised my energy levels.

I developed a plan to reduce my stress, lower my cortisol, boost my immune system back up, and get back to balance. I hope some of these help you too.

3 Tips to Boost Your Energy

Manage your stress. These 3 tips all fall into stress management. Poor diet, toxins, negative thinking, runaway emotions, difficult relationships, lack of exercise . . . the list goes on and on for all the things that create stress, elevate cortisol, compromise immunity, imbalance hormones, and lead to lack of energy and a life you no longer love.

Here’s what I did to take back my energy:

(If these sound ho-hum . . . rethink the power of relaxation and renewal to overcome the unrelenting stress we are all experiencing these days. Here’s a fact: 75% of all doctor visits are stress related.  Stress kills. Don’t learn to accept it as the new normal.

  1. I slowed down, relaxed and rested more. Rest and relaxation are so devalued in our society– which is a pity, because rest and renewal is the key to health and happiness.  The only time your body can repair and heal itself is during rest or sleep.

Sadly, we have come to view rest as unimportant, unproductive—something only lazy, unsuccessful, uncool people do. When actually, rest is the magic pill back to health and happiness.

  1. I got back to a regular schedule of yoga, meditation, journaling, puttering, being in nature, laying on my heated carbon and jade massage bed, soaking in a hot bath with epsom salts and lavender essential oil, and got to bed earlier.

In other words, I made time for nurturing myself.  Our bodies need that to experience a sense of well-being, just like they need food, water and oxygen. They need extreme self-care to move out of survival mode to thriving mode.

  1. I stopped pushing myself and by body beyond their limits and created more boundaries with my work, volunteering, family and social life.

I lowered my stress = lowering the amount of cortisol that was coursing through my body and triggering my hormones and immune system to wreak havoc in my body, mind and spirit.

The Amazing Other Benefits of Working with Your 1st Energy Center

There are other compelling life issues that balancing the Root Chakra addresses – identity, safety/survival issues, groundedness, community/tribe, and boundaries.

That’s what I love about using energy medicine to get my  energy back and that of my clients – it helps me and my clients find our way back home to ourselves – our true selves – to balance, joy, meaningfulness, authenticity and the things that not only restore our energy, but also make life truly fulfilling and enjoyable.

Working with your energy centers to get back into balance and super-boost your energy can help you find more joy and zest as well.

May you have a beautiful week doing more things that nurture your body, mind and spirit.



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