7 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Attract Your Dream Life

raise your vibration

Everyone experiences feeling stuck or stagnant in their life at one point or another. Feeling stuck or stagnant shows up in different ways. You might feel restless, or that there’s something missing; or maybe you know you need to make a change, but feel paralyzed to do anything about it, or you don’t know what steps to take to get you out of your rut.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get unstuck. Because feeling stuck or stagnant usually means you also feel a heaviness in your life, and heaviness is related to the frequency of your energy vibration, raising your vibration (your energy signature) is the quickest, most effective way to change any situation that is blocking or thwarting you in any way.

Your personal energy is based on the frequency (high or low) of your thoughts and emotions, which direct and influence everything you think, feel and do. Positive thoughts and emotions are the source of high frequency vibrations and negative thoughts and feelings are the source of low frequency vibrations.

Basically, it’s all about the rate of vibration inside our cells that emit energy, whether positive or negative energy. High frequency vibrations are in alignment with the light and feel “lighter”. Low frequency vibrations are less in alignment with the light and are “heavier”.

You can read about the scientific reason for this here. But, in layman’s terms, this is why we speak in terms of what kind of “vibe” someone is sending out, or what kind of “vibe” we’re picking up from someone or some place or thing. I’m sure you’ve all heard someone say, “I got really bad vibes from that guy,” or something similar.

Grounding yourself is one of the best and quickest ways you can raise your vibration, get back on track and move ahead towards the life you really want to live.

How Grounding Yourself Can Get You Unstuck

Grounding is an exercise that connects you energetically to your body and the earth. It allows you to be more authentic in your body, in the present moment, and to increase your energy levels.

Grounding allows your body to use all your talents and gifts, know their value in the world and give birth to your visions and goals.

Being Ungrounded Makes it Harder to Create and Achieve What You Desire

Being ungrounded keeps you unfocused, easily distracted, in chaos, missing in action, feeling anxious, powerless and unsafe.

It can also make you feel out of control and anxious.

Here are some signs that you may be ungrounded:

  • Difficulty adapting to change of any kind
  • Stuck in a rut or set in your ways
  • Take everything literally
  • Feel heavy and stuck in your life
  • Rarely change your opinion
  • Can’t imagine making a decision or having an opinion that differs from family or community.
  • Struggle with adrenal issues, frequently feeling tired, wired, or both
  • Feel easily thrown by the stressors of daily life.
  • Feel isolated, exiled, outcast, or emotionally homeless
  • Have trouble settling down – in relationships, careers, or simply focusing on a task.

7 Ways to Get Grounded and Raise Your Vibration

  • Any physical activity (walk, dance, bike, etc.)
  • Meditate or Pray
  • Find ways to relax throughout the day, i.e. focus on your breath for one minute
  • Laugh and have fun
  • Get enough sleep
  • Support adrenals with clean protein
  • Remove problem foods that cause brain fog and inflammation in body and brain

Here’s my favorite exercise to get grounded quickly: Close your eyes and notice any sensations in your feet, continue to pay attention to the sensations in your feet, and then visualize roots growing out the bottom of them into the earth, connecting you to the earth, much like a tree. This works because bringing your energy back into your body, and out of your head is the best way to get grounded.

I hope you put some of these tips in place this week so you can feel more focused, on point, in the flow, energized and able to get out of your rut and start creating more of your dream life.

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