9 Signs You May Need a Fear Detox

fear detox


For God did not give you a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of self-control.

2 Timothy 1:7

I had a paralyzing fear of math for over 30 years. It started in third grade when I struggled with story problems and didn’t get the help I needed; and was cemented in my brain by eighth grade when I got a “D” in Algebra.

I can honestly say that that fear altered the way I perceived myself, my worth, my intelligence, and what was possible for me for years to come.

It was like a dirty secret I hid, even when it caused me to drop out of college after two years, often settle for less than I desired or deserved, and to feel that empty feeling of not being good enough, in spite of my storybook life on the outside.

Turning Fear into Courage

You Were Given a Spirit of Power – and a Powerful Mind

Fortunately, my story has a happy ending. Thirty years after my third-grade fears took root in my mind, I found my way to a psychotherapist in New York City who helped me uncover and release the roots of my anxiety and begin a new journey to self-actualization, free from paralyzing fears and confident that no matter what obstacles I encountered in life, I had the power to transform my fear into courage.

Within only one month I returned to college full-time to finish my undergraduate degree and went on to receive my master’s (with a perfect 4.0 ), complete a two-year residency and obtain a license to practice psychotherapy.

Facing my fears and learning how to transform them allowed me to help thousands of others live more empowered, happier lives as well.  As a psychotherapist for 20 years and now as a health and wellness coach and consultant, I continue to share the secrets (yes, sadly, the truth about how powerful you are is still kept under wraps) of your true capacity and nature.

Rewire Your Brain to Overcome Your Fears

If I hadn’t discovered that I have the power to control my mind and rewire my brain by challenging my limiting beliefs, negative thoughts (and learning how to eat and live for optimal brain health), I would still be living with fear and regret, never having lived a fraction of my true potential.

I still have to confront fears that crop up now and then – only now I know that if I name my fear, embrace it for the lesson it came to teach me and do the work of facing it down and transforming it through thought re-framing, I will come out on the other side and continue to feel more and more empowered, free, and self-expressed.

Below is a list of some of the most common signs that fear is holding you back from your true potential and why you may need a fear detox:

9 Signs You May Need a Fear Detox

  1. You avoid taking risks and tend to play it safe.
  2. You are afraid to be vulnerable with others or to show or speak your true feelings.
  3. You find it difficult to set boundaries with others and avoid confrontation at all costs.
  4. You don’t fully commit to your career, relationships, or to yourself. You tend to have one foot in and one foot out in important areas of your life.
  5. You’re afraid to pursue your dreams. Secretly, you may believe you don’t deserve to live your dreams or worry that you will fail (or succeed).
  6. You try to control everything.
  7. You fear the worst outcome in most situations.
  8. You’re not sleeping well. Your mind races and it’s hard to relax enough to get to sleep or stay asleep.
  9. You don’t trust yourself, others or God.

You can find tips on how to transform fear to courage here.

You were created as a powerful, sovereign soul — able to break through any fear and live a more empowered, self-actualized life. Don’t let your fears stop you from living the life you were meant to live.



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