3 Things I Learned at a Spa Retreat (+ How You Can Have a Spa-Like Life at Home)

Hello! I’m back from Mexico’s Baja peninsula, where I got certified in Functional Nutrition while also enjoying a daily spa routine – morning walks along the ocean, 100% organic meals three times a day, green juices 3 times a day, a 24 hour herbal tea bar where we could sit looking out over the ocean, daily spa treatments, non-chlorine pools, daily health tests, classes in yoga, laughter yoga, meditation, sound therapy, psychology, nutrition and many more wonderfully nourishing, nurturing activities and treats for our bodies, minds, and spirits to detox, heal and wake-up.

I came back a healthier, more relaxed and happier person.  I was reminded of the crucial importance of slowing down.  It’s amazing how much changes when one slows down.  I was also reminded of the phenomenon called “hurry sickness”. Researchers have found that rushing around all day is extremely bad for our health.

Here are the top 10 signs you may be suffering from hurry sickness from an article by Denise Cristobal:

  1. You are in a state of constant rush and worry
  2. You feel like everything in life is urgent
  3. You live by your watch
  4. You walk fast and rushed
  5. You often drive fast and over the speed limit
  6. You talk and think too fast
  7. You are constantly multi-tasking
  8. You finish your meals as fast as you can
  9. You don’t like waiting in line or in traffic
  10. You can’t relax or take a break


Even though I live a very healthy, conscious life, I found I could check a few things off this list, and I’m sure most everyone can.  That was my biggest take-away from being at Sanaviv Health Institute and Spa – that I needed to slow down more, return to the lifestyle I lived in Mexico and Spain for fourteen years, or how I lived when I was healing myself from MS, or other times when I get a little wake-up call, take a course, or just intuit I need to slow down.  Slowing down has the power to heal. It is actually crucial to any healing program, and any healthy lifestyle maintenance program for that matter.

Here are 3 things you can do to slow down your crazy busy life:

1. Upon waking in the morning:

  • Think of 3 things you are grateful for.
  • Practice deep breathing meditation in morning before starting your day.

2. At meals: Eat mindfully:

  • Look at your food before you eat and appreciate its beauty, where it came from and how it nourishes you. Put your hands together in prayer.
  • CHEW SLOWLY, (crucial for digestion and to avoid leaky gut and impaired immune system)
  • Really taste your food, and stop at 80% full.

3. Check in with yourself during the day:

  • How is your body feeling? Tired, thirsty, hungry, needs a break?, any pain?
  • How’s your mental health today? Anything bothering you? Write it down and ask to be shown how to address this issue. Be aware, live consciously. You body and mind and spirit will thank you.

As you move through this week, I hope you’ll remember at least one of these tips on how to slow down and take time for yourself and your life.  They’re counting on you. Let me know on Facebook how you get on!

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