Introducing My New Book . . .

I am bursting to share with you exciting news that my book is now on sale! I’ve spent 32 years studying, researching and applying the most ancient and cutting edge secrets of health and happiness, and I have put this all together in my book that I have been writing for the past 6 years, and that is finally being released. The name of my book is Rebuild Your Immune System in 10 Minutes a Day.

About The Book - What's Inside?

What will you learn in this book? 

  • The 8-week program addresses the whole person and gives simple daily action steps you can take to improve your diet, positive thinking, stress, self-care, relationships, spirituality and movement.You will learn:
    What foods to eat, what foods to avoid.
    • How to use the Power of Your Mind to reverse autoimmunity.
    • How to reduce and manage your stress.
    • How to take better care of yourself and get more “me” time.
    • How to build healthy relationships (including the one with yourself).
    • How to connect with your spiritual self.
    • How to move your body in fun and easy ways
  • PLUS: Meal Plans and 30+ gluten-free recipes to help you eat healthier.
  • Inspiring success stories from my clients, blended with vignettes of my own healing journey, help you see the possibilities you can achieve in just minutes a day.

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Why Buy It?

If you suffer from inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, or you want to look and feel better and younger, and learn how to beat fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, weight gain, pain, and more . . . my book is a wonderful guide to do just that.

I know that it will help you reclaim your health and your life, and forever change the way you approach health and life.