5 Surprising Ways to Own Your Value and Become an Authority in Your Field

own your value

If you were already an authority in your field, you’d know it.

Your name would pop up at the top of Google searches, people would be inviting you to speak on their stages and clamoring for interviews, and traffic to your website would be buzzing.

You’d be making the difference you came here to make.

You know what I mean, right?

Recently, I’ve been watching the Netflix historical drama, Mary, Queen of Scots.

In the past year I’ve become fascinated with watching epics about real life queens (The Crown, about Queen Elizabeth II, and Young Victoria, about Queen Victoria).

And, here’s what I’ve discovered about queens and owning your value:

Queens Have a Lot in Common with Successful Entrepreneurs

In this blog I show you 5 ways queens and successful heart-centered entrepreneurs are similar; and how becoming more queen-like can actually skyrocket your biz success.

Why is that? Queens and successful heart-centered entrepreneurs both project rock-solid confidence. They both know who they are, value who they are and how important their job/mission is – whether it’s leading a nation or a conscious, game-changing biz.

They both understand that the key to showing up powerfully in your life and your biz is to know your value. You see, queens are groomed from birth to know their value. They know they will someday be leading an entire country, and representing that country on the world stage.

Successful entrepreneurs also know their value. In fact, they are absolutely certain that their work makes a difference – that it actually impacts the world. 

They are confident of their skills, commitment, knowledge and experience and know that they provide a tremendous value to their clients.

Knowing your value, believing in yourself and having rock solid self-confidence is the bedrock of creating a heart-centered biz that creates the impact you desire and the income you need to flourish.

Here are 5 other ways  I’ve observed queens and successful entrepreneurs are similar, and how you can rock your biz by adopting or upgrading these shared qualities:

5 Ways Queens and Successful Entrepreneurs Own Their Value

1. Queens are told (and shown) from the moment they’re born that they are very important and extremely powerful. They are also treated “royally”.

Like queens, successful heart-centered entrepreneurs know they are important, understand they possess amazing inner powers, and naturally step into their innate greatness.

Even if you weren’t told and shown you are important and valuable as a child, you can let go of any old tapes about why you’re not good enough.  You can rest assured that it is your divine nature to be important and valuable–in fact, you were born perfect, whole and complete, and nothing can take that away.

2. Queens are taught that trusting their judgment is indispensable because their decisions impact millions of people (and at times the entire world).

Successful heart-centered entrepreneurs also learn to trust themselves. They understand that if you don’t trust yourself, no one else will either.

They also understand that we are all one; and that their decisions, large and small, affect the whole.

3. Queens learn to always believe in themselves and their abilities, which is necessary in order to take both swift and calculated actions that produce positive, powerful and intended results.

Successful heart-centered entrepreneurs develop unshakeable confidence, fierce faith, decisiveness and take inspired action confidently and consistently.

4. Queens are taught to understand their strengths and their weaknesses, and to lean on trusted advisors where they lack strength.

Successful heart-centered entrepreneurs don’t try to do everything themselves  they know that’s a recipe for burnout and ineffectiveness. They also don’t work in isolation.

They build and lean on effective teams that support their vision and mission and fill in where they are weak (or take over the tasks that are simply not their “thing”).

5. Queens understand that they have awesome responsibilities, that they are responsible for the welfare and protection of an entire nation, that their decisions impact millions, even the entire balance of world events. They don’t don’t even have the option to treat their job as a hobby, hide or shirk their duties.

Successful entrepreneurs are also understand their awesome responsibility (definition of responsible: ability to respond). They understand that there are millions of people on the planet who need their help – who are actually waiting for them to show up. They don’t hide or hoard their gifts.

They shine their light out into the world – brightly and consistently.

Anoint Yourself as the Authority

If you’re still waiting to “be ready”, or feel “good enough” to own your value and claim your authority, this is what I want to say to you:

Stop waiting for someone else to place the Authority crown on your head – to anoint you as the queen, or guru that you already are. Know that if it’s in your heart to do, you’re the best person for the job – and the only person to do your job the way you do it.

A coach I worked with used to say “Assume the Throne” and that is exactly what we need to do to change the world . . .

Imagine ourselves with our head held high, serving our “people”, and wearing a crown on our heads and carrying a sceptre in our hand.

And, then go forth and serve the world with that attitude, that positive powerful, intentional vibration.

This week, I invite you to “assume the throne”, treat yourself royally, and focus on what your people need, and how you can best serve them with your amazing gifts, talents and heart.

And, because queens always lean on trusted advisors and mentors to guide and support them in their many roles, I invite and encourage you to set up a complimentary Rock Your Biz discovery call with me to explore how we can work together to bring your message and mission to the world.

You can contact me here.

Love and Biz Success,

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