3 Tips to Create Healing Miracles in Your Life

healing miracles

A few weeks ago, Shelly, an old friend from New York City, appeared back in my life. I hadn’t seen her for over 20 years, but it was as if we had never been separated. We felt even more connected and bonded.

She shared with me that shortly after leaving New York City, she gave birth to a baby boy who was diagnosed with autism at 18 months old. She and her husband were devastated.

But, that gut-wrenching experience spurred her to do everything in her power to help her child overcome autism. And, her and her husband’s commitment to get their son back from the grips of this tragic disease led to a miracle . . .

3 Ways to Create Healing Miracles in Your Life

1. Love and Acceptance Heal All Things

Shelly’s son was completely declassified as autistic by age six, went on to graduate from a prestigious university, and work at a high-level position in a successful company.

I was very curious how they had achieved such a miraculous result, and this is what she said:

“We found a foremost expert in autism whose first question to my husband and I was, “Would you still be able to love and accept your child even if he never got better?”  She told me that at first they were surprised by this question, but also realized they were attached to having their son be a “normal” child, and felt upset about the possibility he would never be normal.

The autism expert then shared a “secret” she and other top experts had discovered about healing autism – the secret was a powerful mindset change on the part of the parents and caretakers – they were instructed to act as if nothing was wrong with their son when they were with him – to let him know he was O.K.

It also involved a shift at the heart and soul level – they were guided to just be “totally present” with love.”

In other words, they were told to open their hearts to their son, and release all judgement, fear, disappointment and expectation about his condition and to see him as already whole, perfect and complete. To love him unconditionally.

That was so powerful for me to hear and a beautiful reminder of the power of love and acceptance. And, I want you, my dear friend, to take away this message for yourself as well. This week, try to be totally present with yourself with love. Begin to see yourself as whole, perfect and complete. See what happens.

2. The Real Power Behind Miracle Cures (and Happiness)

Later I shared my story of overcoming Multiple Sclerosis with Shelly, and we both cried with joy and gratitude for our blessings, and with the remembrance of what it was like to determine to overcome diseases that modern medicine and society had labeled as incurable and permanent.

As we shared, we discovered that we both felt that the most important step we took to turn our tragedies into triumphs was to first surrender them – to the Divine power that informs and empowers every aspect of our lives and the entire universe. We both call that God, but you may call it something else.

For both of us, that was the moment that changed everything – and Grace became our most precious resource – everything we needed showed up for us exactly when we needed it, without fail.

We learned that turning any adversity over to a Higher Power, (God, Spirit, or whatever you call the Divine), is the key and creates the possibility for a miracle to occur.

Lastly, for today, I leave you with this third loving tip on how to create healing miracles (or any kind of miracle) . . .

3. Don’t Fear Illness or Dis-ease

Your mind can heal or make you sick. Fear and worry create negative energy in your mind and body and damage your cells and DNA. Stay positive and be curious.  

Ask yourself what this illness or pain is trying to tell you. Every symptom has a correlated mental/emotional/spiritual underlying cause that is contributing to the situation. Your body is your greatest teacher – if you befriend it and talk to it. It never “turns against you”. It is always just trying to get your attention.


This week, my dear friend, ask your body and soul what it needs (and listen. . .). Illnesses are messages from your soul. Ask yourself how you can restore balance  and alignment with your true self.

Spend time in solitude, meditate, pray, journal. Connect with your spiritual self and watch the miracles unfold.

Love, Health and Miracles,

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  1. Debby on June 26, 2018 at 6:19 am

    Wow, thanks for this article! I think fear has been a big factor for me since being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. How do you turn everything over to God permanently? I can’t seem to make that complete shift. I go through the process of turning over my fears to a higher power, but then take them back every time my body does something that I don’t like. I’m enjoying your book. I just started it so maybe you provide more details about releasing your fears in it. At any rate, thanks for sharing what you have learned!

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