Heal Your Gut

This is my Gut Repair Diet. 4 steps:

  • Remove Inflammatory Foods.
  • Replace with Healing Foods.
  • Reinoculate with Healthy Bacteria (probiotics).
  • Repair with supplements and essential oils:
    o Learn Your Gut Type (and what specific foods/supplements/oils are good for your type.
  • Trouble shoot.
  • Address Environmental Triggers:
    o Remove toxins.
    o Reduce stress (lower cortisol).
    o Identify and treat Hidden infections.

3 Super Easy Home Remedies to Knock Out Infections

Recently I shared in a blog, that I ran my immune system down while meeting a book deadline and ended up with an eye infection followed by a sinus infection. I am excited to share how I knocked out both infections without antibiotics (even though both doctors I went to see insisted I needed antibiotics…

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4 Veggie-licious Ways to Enliven your Brain, Stimulate your Hormones, Eliminate Cravings and Even Turn Back the Biological Clock

Hello Beautiful! Did you know that there is now scientific proof to the old adage, “eat your vegetables.” Research by German scientist, Fritz-Albert Popp, concluded that plant foods provide energy to your cells due to their high levels of biophotons, and increase your energy level when you eat them¹. Biophotons are small waves of light transmitted…

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Can Food Reverse Disease?

Can Food Reverse Disease

Hello Beautiful! I’m so happy to be writing this blog and connecting with you again! I was in a HUGE crunch to finish my upcoming book, Rebuild Your Immune System in 10 Minutes a Day and get it to the publisher by my deadline. When I began writing my book, I had no idea how time consuming…

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3 Ways Your Diet Can Prevent Or Reverse Any Health Problem

Stacy, a health-coaching client of mine, texted me yesterday, to share her excitement. The pain in her fingers from arthritis was gone, and her energy was much better. When she started seeing me just two months ago, she could barely peel a carrot, or write without severe pain; and she felt fatigued much of the…

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