3 Ways to Stop Scattered Thinking and Tap into Your Intuition

stop scattered thinking

While part of being a conscious entrepreneur (or a conscious person) is being comfortable with uncertainty and the “mystery” of life, you can still live a more focused, powerful life.

The life you were born to live . . .

Imagine the Life of Your Dreams

Imagine a life where you don’t feel pulled in a thousand directions and your thoughts aren’t scattered all over the place.

A life that is not caught up on the treadmill of obligations and to-do lists.

A life free from constant distractions . . .

A life where you are focused, on task, and in flow–sharing your message confidently, showing up more powerfully in your business and life, and creating the impact and success you desire.

How would that feel?


Meet the True Power of Your Intuition

You have a natural ability, an innate power to live a focused, more powerful life.

It’s called intuition.

Before you think, “Oh, that, I know all about that. I use it all the time…” read on because intuition doesn’t always work like it’s supposed to.

You’re a conscious person, and most likely already familiar with intuition.

You probably even tap into it frequently.

And yet, it’s not getting you where you want to go.

Uncertainty still reigns.

Scattered, unfocused thinking rules your life. It steals your confidence and thwarts your innate power to thrive and grow.

It derails your dreams.

I know. I’ve been there. I totally understand what that feels like.

You are not alone.

But, here’s what I’ve learned about how to hone and harness your intuition in an even more powerful way. . .

so you can clear the decks and get on your way to the life of your dreams.


3 Ways to Harness the True Power of Your Intuition 

Here are 3 of the most common reasons your intuition doesn’t always lead you where you want to go.

1. You Allow your Emotions to Take Over.   

Have you ever gotten a clear message from your gut (or your heart) telling you exactly what you need to do–only to dismiss it?  Question it? Ignore it?

I know I have. More times than I would like to admit.

Or, maybe your fears and insecurities rear their ugly, self-defeating heads . . .

And you start to question the validity of your intuition . . .

To doubt the truth.

If this happens to you, just start being more present to your pattern of self-doubt, your lack of trust in yourself and your intuition.

Don’t judge it…don’t judge yourself…just notice it.

Forgive yourself, and open up space for the possibility of trusting your intuition.

You have all the answers inside of you. You just need to trust.

2. Your Thinking is Obscured.

Let’s face it, we’re not always thinking clearly. This can happen for a multitude of reasons, but here’s the most common:

A cluttered, racing mind. Having too much on your plate and feeling overwhelmed is the most common cause. A cluttered mind leads to scattered thinking.

The simplest (but not always easy) fix for that is to slow down, simplify your life…take some things off your plate.

While I’m on the topic of taking things off your plate…try taking some of the sugar and refined carbs off your plate too. These cause brain fog—and obscure your thinking.

This week, just open yourself up to the possibility of simplifying your life and eating healthier.

3. Your Thoughts Have Become Automatic

It’s not just having too much to do, it’s also not knowing how to harness your thoughts and take control of your mind.

I get it. We’re not taught that we can control our minds–or even that our minds are any of our business.

But, actually, you have full control of your thoughts…

We create our lives—focused and on track or confused and frustrated.

You choose.


Here’s some tips on how to take control of your mind and rewire it for success and happiness.

Mindfulness Skills to Stay Focused

Caution: only use these skills if you’re ready to improve your life. You will never look at yourself or life the same again.

1. Observe Yourself: Step back from yourself (in your mind’s eye) and begin to observe yourself living your life (pretend you are a private detective that was hired to follow you around and report back – take notes). This gives you the distance you need to see yourself and your behaviors, thoughts, feelings.

2. Just Notice the Experience: Experience the situation/moment without reacting to it. Don’t judge yourself or others in the moment.

3. Have a Teflon Mind: Try letting experiences, feelings and thoughts just slip right out of your mind.

4. Don’t Push Away Thoughts: Try to stay with thoughts that you typically push away or “stuff”. Just breathe through them – they won’t kill you – promise. The longer you stay with the thought or feeling, the less difficult it feels.

Enjoy a new found mastery of your mind!


If you would like some more personalized help on how to avoid these intuition traps that keep you from finding your true message and derail you from reaching your goals, I can help.

I have over 25 years experience working as a licensed psychotherapist and life coach, helping thousands of others get clear, focused, and in charge of their life.


Here’s what a few of them have said about my coaching.

“Linda Mercer is an amazing and insightful coach. In particular her clearing work has made a profound difference in my life and relationships. I truly had no idea that some of the issues she uncovered and cleared were holding me back.

Since beginning consultation with her, my close family and friends all notice a difference – I am happier and free to move forward on all levels in my life and business.

Her extensive experience in psychotherapy combined with exceptional intuition and communication skills allow Linda to listen, hear what is actually underneath, and provide deep insight far beyond most coaches. I highly recommend her coaching work, and her book!”

Carrie Goelitz, Entrepreuner, Phoenix, AZ


“Linda is amazing! Working with her is a gift. She is not only a talented coach through the waterfall of situations and emotions that day to day life brings, but also has a keen ear to discern the root block of an issue. This is where the magic begins when I am working with her. She has perfected a clearing process that releases deep subconscious limiting patterns. It is incredible as this process only takes 10-15 minutes! After I leave a session with Linda I feel lighter. It is as if the weight of that “limiting belief” is lifted. It is not a temporary fix at all. It goes deep and really releases completely. Thank you Linda we need more people like you.”

Denise Reaves, Scottsdale, AZ


“Linda was a huge catalyst in my life. She helped me with goal setting, both professionally and personally, and I know this process will stay with me for a long time to come.

I went out immediately and purchased a new calendar system and began goal setting in the fashion she outlined, which has had a lot of positive impact on my personal and professional life.

I also was able to take advantage of Linda’s “Wellness 4 The Busy Woman” program and it has been a very healthy way to focus myself each day on a couple of things I wanted to be mindful of for the day, and I feel much better since I’ve been following her program.

I hope people have access to this program on a wide basis because this is a wonderful approach to holistic healing on a mental, physical and spiritual level which can be of help to people everywhere.

I am thrilled I had the chance to work with Linda at her Miralinda Center for Well Being and look forward to continuing working with her.”

Rachel R. Sacco, President and CEO, Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau


Read more Testimonials here.


I would love to help you get clear on how you can stop scattered thinking and start getting clear, focused and moving forward with confidence.

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